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Maurizio Bevilacqua - Mayor Since 2010
Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua was paid $183,189.72 by the city in 2017.

List Of Candidates
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Sunshine List: Brampton's top earners in 2016
Vaughan 6-figure salary club jumps by 21% in 2017 over 2016
City of Vaughan - Sunshine List 2015




The biggest story I covered in 2017, far-and-away, was the breaking news piece about the sexual harassment allegations that toppled Vaughan’s deputy mayor, Michael Di Biase.

Police probing Vaughan ex-mayor scrutinize ties to city contractors

Michael Di Biase is a former Regional Councillor, deputy mayor and mayor of Vaughan, Ontario, an exurb of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He was first elected to the city's council in 1986.[1] Following the death of Mayor Lorna Jackson in 2002, Di Biase was appointed acting mayor by virtue of his position as senior regional councillor (a position he had held since 1988). In the 2003 municipal election, Di Biase won his first official term as mayor.


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